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How to raise your land’s value

Land values typically increase over time, which makes purchasing quality land a smart and satisfying investment. However, if you’re not one to simply sit around waiting for your land to appreciate, there are several tried-and-tested metho...

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5 Maintenance tips for your horse property

Horse properties can last a long time. Some even outlast their owners’ lifetimes, thus being passed from generation to generation. If you take care of your horse property well enough, it can be a part of you and your family’s legacy. ...

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Best equestrian communities in North Texas

An expansive horse property can symbolize freedom and the fruition of your hard work. And for many owners, it is the very reality of living and running an equestrian property. There is a lot of work to be done, but the entire experience can...

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Ideal fences for your horse property

Fences are integral in horse properties. Beyond its aesthetic value, it serves the important function of keeping horses within designated areas, preventing them from escaping out into roadways and the rest of the community. In case such an ...

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Man with his horse in a ranch

5 Ways to sell equestrian properties fast

Equestrian properties are prime pieces of real estate. They represent a lifestyle that is coveted by many. Here are five ways to present yours to interested buyers and secure a fast, successful sale. Make improvements to your equestrian ...

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Equestrian Property

How to buy an equestrian property

Choosing an equestrian property requires additional care and attention. Whether it is your first time to purchase an equestrian property or otherwise, the following tips will help you explore horse ranches for sale in Texas. Get to kn...

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Old man in the farm

5 benefits to enjoy when you own land

Land is a tangible asset that is affordable than most real estate investments and produces significant pay-off in the long term. Here are five other benefits you can enjoy when you invest in land. Hands-off and remote property manage...

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Walter Foss

I have used Sarah as my exclusive RE representative for over 7 years. She is extremely competent, knowledgeable, trustworthy and helpful. She works diligently and gets results. I have sold 12 properties and purchased 2 with her and she has done...

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