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5 Ways to sell equestrian properties fast

Equestrian properties are prime pieces of real estate. They represent a lifestyle that is coveted by many. Here are five ways to present yours to interested buyers and secure a fast, successful sale.

Make improvements to your equestrian property’s curb appeal

Start impressing potential buyers as soon as they make the drive to your property. A gravel driveway lined by trees makes quite a breathtaking entrance, but that does not mean this is the only way to go. Consider the overall look of the property and match its curb appeal to the aesthetic.

Greenery and blooms, paved pathways, a fresh coat of paint for all the buildings and fencing, gates in great condition, and a welcoming entryway can instantly make buyers warm up to your equestrian property. Do a walkthrough of the property to see if anything needs repairs.

Stage accordingly

As you are selling an equestrian property, it would be a good idea to keep within the theme when it comes to home staging. Make sure all of the equestrian features are highlighted. Here is a short list of things you can do for staging:

  1. Make sure the tack room is organized and tidy to show off its potential for
  2. Add fresh shavings to the stalls before a showing. Shavings made of fir
    and pine not only look nice— they also smell wonderful.
  3. If your property has an arena, consider setting up a small course in there
    to help interested buyers imagine themselves using the space.
  4. Weedeat under and around the fences and mow the pastures. Having a
    good grazing management in place before the sale will also help ensure
    maximum pasture production.

Re-paint the stables

Give the stables a breath of fresh air by applying new coats of paint and perhaps even wood stain. Instead of old stables with chipping paint and rotting wood, potential buyers will see that this equestrian feature is well-maintained and ready to be used.

Full haynets, a clean yard, walls free of cobwebs and grime, and working stable doors complete the impression of stables that are well taken care of. Keeping your horses in their respective stables also gives buyers a better idea of the area’s true size.

Provide aerial photography

It is quite challenging to give a quick overview of an equestrian property. They are often sprawling lots, and it can take at least several hours to fully tour an expansive property.

Aerial photography enables you to show off the entirety of the equestrian property to interested buyers. They will see how the property is laid out, and you can easily point out the structures and equestrian features. Aerial photography can also help buyers have a better understanding of the property and how it fits into the surroundings.

Find an equestrian property specialist to represent you

The help and expertise of real estate agent is indispensable in any real estate transaction. But when you are selling an equestrian property, do not settle with an ordinary realtor. Look for one that specializes in what you are selling.

Equestrian property specialists know the language and how to market the property effectively. They can give the right recommendations in terms of preparing it for sale and field any questions a curious home buyer might throw.

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