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A Guide to Making Constant and Consistent Horse Barn Upgrades

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Thinking of ways to spruce up your barn? It’s always worth the investment when you’re located in one of the best equestrian communities in North Texas. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Inspect the property

Before planning upgrades and getting in touch with contractors, it’s important to inspect your barn property and take note of any structural components and equipment in need of repair. Before thinking of aesthetic enhancements, property owners should prioritize the safety and well-being of the horses and their minders.

Check barn structures for splintered wood, loose hinges, protruding nails, screws, and hooks, and outlets and wiring that are a potential fire hazard. Any safety risks on the property should be addressed before any aesthetic changes should be considered.

Be clear about your goals

What’s the reason for the upgrade? Making extensive renovations to barn properties is a huge commitment. That’s why it’s important to have a clear rationale for the project. What purpose does it serve? Setting goals will help you stay committed to the project and help you stay on schedule.

Set a budget

Before making upgrades, set a budget for your project. It doesn’t matter how small or big your budget is – it’s only important to have parameters for spending to keep the project from spinning out of control. Make a wish list and get a cost estimate for each upgrade from several contractors to find the best prices.

Your budget will also depend on the overall condition of barn structures and how much work needs to be done. If you’ve kept up with maintenance over the last few years, your barns should be in reasonably good condition. Otherwise, you need to identify problem areas and set priorities.

It’s always advisable to pad your budget. Upgrades and renovations very rarely go under budget. Your contractor might uncover previously unknown issues or defects with the property, and you might find yourself going over-budget as they make recommendations. Leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses.

Find a contractor you trust

As mentioned earlier, talk to several contractors for cost estimates if you don’t already have a contractor that you work with. Because of the cost and time needed to complete barn upgrades, it’s important to work with a communicative, reliable, and trustworthy contractor.

Moreover, the contractor you choose should have specialized knowledge on horse properties and North Texas climate and topography for the best results.

Barn upgrade ideas

  • New flooring
  • Energy efficient lighting and fans
  • Tack room construction or renovation
  • Automatic waterer installation
  • Riding arena cover/roof installation
  • Riding arena floor upgrade
  • New therapy and training equipment
  • Office room construction or renovation
  • Upgraded driveways

Unlock the potential of your horse property

For inquiries about horse properties in North Texas, contact Sarah Boyd & Company here. The team brings more than 10 years of real estate experience to the table, helping clients secure the best deals for equestrian properties, vacant land, and luxury homes in the area. Call us at 214.649.4403 or send an email to Sarah(at)SarahBoydRealty(dotted)com to get started.

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