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Cost of Living in North Texas

North Texas is a place that is truly like no other, and offers many unique communities, each with its own distinct vibe. From the trendy shopping and dining of SouthLake to the charming, small town feel of Gainesville, North Texas has something to offer for everyone.

When considering a move, there are many factors you will need to consider, including the cost of living in North Texas. Overall, Texas as a state has a cost of living that is approximately 10% less than the national average, when studying various cost of living facets, including groceries, health, housing, utilities and transportation.

When looking at the cost of living in North Texas, you may be surprised to find that North Texas offers some of the lowest costs of living in the state.

For instance, the community of Aubrey has a cost of living that is 3% lower than the state average, which is already 10% below the national average. Aubrey also boasts a median household income that is 18% higher than the Texas average – making it one of the most affordable places to live in Texas. Aubrey has always been known as horse country in North Texas; however, it has recently begun transitioning into a more residential area, due in part to the expanding 380 corridor. Aubrey offers homebuyers beautiful new construction homes, as well as luxurious estates, and of course, horse ranches. Aubrey is the perfect community for those who want to be close enough to the city for work, shopping, or entertainment – but still be able to live in a beautiful, rural North Texas home.

Time Magazine recently published a list of reasons why Texas is America’s Future. Part of their list is below:

Everyone is moving there. More Americans are moving to Texas than to any other place.

The middle class squeeze. American’s are moving where the cost of living is less, due in part to the fact that the middle income jobs are disappearing, but at the same time holding on to a middle class lifestyle is becoming more and more expensive. Therefore, a lower cost of living equates to a higher quality of life.

Inexpensive land, inexpensive houses. If you feel that your income isn’t keeping pace with the national rising cost of living, or if you would just enjoy a better quality of living, a move to Texas could be your answer.

Lower cost of living. As previously mentioned, Texans enjoy a cost of living that is roughly 10% less than the national average. The lower housing prices in Texas, coupled with the lower cost of living, really matter and make a difference when it comes to the overall quality of life. When adjusted for the cost of living, Texas has a higher per capita income than California, and nearly catches up to New York when measured on the same scale.

Jobs. Between 2002 and 2011, with just 8% of the United States population, Texas created nearly one third of America’s highest paying jobs.

Low taxes. Texas has no income tax, which can be very appealing to people looking to relocate.

Buying a Home in North Texas

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