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Horse property sale: 5 things to consider when hiring an agent

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When it comes to selling horse property, the agent you choose can make or break your sale. The ideal agent is someone with expertise and experience in this niche real estate. Thus, you must vet your potential agents carefully if you want a successful and stress-free transaction.

Before hiring a selling agent for your horse property, here are 5 things you need to consider:

  1. The communities they specialize in

    Real estate is a very localized business. Similar properties have different values in different communities. Each locale also has its own market trends. When looking for a real estate agent, it’s best to find someone who specializes in the area where your property for sale is located.

    A local expert will know about the latest trends and how you can compete with similar properties in the area. They’ll also have better insights regarding the neighborhood which is an advantage.

    Check their most recent transactions to make sure they’ve sold properties in your community. This will also show you the type of property they usually handle, whether it’s large acreage or small horse farms.

  2. Their designation and background

    An agent with a special designation speaks well about their expertise and commitment to excellence. One example is the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) designation – one of the highest real estate designations in the industry. An agent with this designation means that they have the advanced skills and techniques to provide you with quality real estate selling experience.

    Since selling horse properties is a specialization that not all agents are adept in, find someone with the right background. Your ideal agent should be someone who knows the lifestyle and understands how to ride, show, and take care of horses.

  3. Their marketing strategy

    Marketing is an essential part of a successful sale. A good marketing plan will bring the attention of more possible buyers toward your property. Without it, your horse property could stay longer on the market than it needs to.

    Look at your potential agent’s previous marketing materials and ask them how they plan to market your property. Your agent should have the tools to spread the word about your property.

  4. Their connections

    When interviewing your potential real estate agent, ask about their connections within the community. The best agent for the job is an expert in handling both real estate and equestrian problems. They can easily direct you to experts or services that can make the selling process run as smoothly as possible.

  5. Their reviews and references

    Check your potential real estate agent’s online reviews and references. Their previous clients can provide you with insights into the agent’s work ethic, professionalism, and dedication.

    If they are unwilling to provide you their references, consider this as a red flag. It could mean that they don’t have a good relationship with previous clients or they’re new to the business.

Selling your horse property?

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