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How remote work is reshaping home buyer needs

How remote work is reshaping home buyer needs

One of the biggest effects of the coronavirus pandemic is the increased prevalence of working from home, which has caused a lot of home buyers to reevaluate their needs and the type of features they’re looking for in a home.

With many people now used to remote work as well as companies deciding to stick with this setup post-pandemic, most of the conventional needs and wants of home buyers have now shifted. In this page, we’ll take a look at a couple of ways remote work has changed home buying needs.

Wider search areas

Because of remote work, the distance between the residence to the workplace isn’t as big of a factor compared to before. As a result, buyers are now expanding their search to include homes that could be located further away from employment districts. This has also resulted in an increasing demand for suburbs featuring vibrant town centers, especially ones offering many alternative workspaces such as cafes or public libraries.

Working from home has also led buyers to consider areas outside their state, as the ability to work from virtually any location now makes it possible to live in any area they desire, without worrying about changes to their role or company. 

Office spaces

While many people already have a designated area at home for their laptop or desktop, some of those working from home for an extended period have realized that their current setup just won’t suffice.

In order to work efficiently and productively, many professionals require privacy, a sturdy and organized workspace, and ergonomic equipment. That said, a dedicated office space or a multipurpose space that can serve as a workspace are top requirements nowadays, especially for families with children.  

Wider variety of at home lifestyle features

Professionals relocating with their families also need to consider the lifestyle needs of other family members while they’re working from home. For example, their spouse might need a separate office space, while their children may also need a space of their own for online learning. 

Living and working in the same space also means more buyers are looking for additional features and amenities that can provide more entertainment and relaxation to their daily life, such as game rooms, outdoor living areas, fitness rooms, and swimming pools. 

Stronger demand for vacation homes and larger homes

Having the freedom to work from anywhere means vacation homes can now be used occasionally as a home office. Homes that offer plenty of space are also in-demand as well, as residences now serve not only as a place to relax and unwind, but a place to work as well.

Because of the desire for large spaces, many buyers are setting their sights on areas that offer the luxury of owning a larger home at more affordable costs. As a result, suburbs and fringe areas are now being considered more than usual. 

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