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How to prepare an equestrian property for the market

wide view of an equestrian property

Preparing a home for sale can often be a tedious and time-consuming process. When the home you’re planning to put on the market is an equestrian property however, there’s typically more for you to handle, especially with the extra land, outbuildings, and horse amenities.

If you’re looking for ways to make your equestrian property more marketable for an upcoming sale, here are some helpful tips for you to consider:

Work with a real estate agent who specializes in equestrian properties

When you’re trying to sell an equestrian property, you want to work with someone who has extensive knowledge of the needs and preferences of the equestrian buyer.

Some buyers, for example, are searching for a property that offers convenient access to equine services, although they don’t necessarily want those services to be visible from the property itself. A real estate agent who has expertise in handling this type of property will be able to direct buyers to the right developments, while also providing updated information on zoning rules, tax rates, and conservation easements. 

Decluttering and cleaning

Like any other home, your goal is to present your equestrian property in the best light possible for prospective buyers. With that in mind, you want all buildings within your property to look spotless before they’re showcased.

The barn will be a key factor, as buyers will take a close look at where they’ll house their beloved animals. The barn is also where they’ll likely spend the majority of their time, so ensure that all stalls are clean and all aisles are swept thoroughly. Make sure to repair any visible signs of damage as well, and keep all tools and equipment in their designated storage locations.


Giving your buildings and fences a fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable ways to prepare your equestrian property for sale.

Keep in mind that for most equestrian property buyers, living in a horse farm is the ultimate dream.  And one of the best ways to help them imagine themselves living this dream is through a classic, eye-catching red-and-white barn and a gleaming white split rail fence surrounding rolling green pastures. 

Spruce up your arena

In case your equestrian property features an arena, take the time to rake and clear away any debris. Covered arenas are often a major selling point, so you may want to consider building one before listing your property.

A real estate agent who specializes in equestrian properties will be able to suggest more key changes that can make your property more marketable.  

Inspect your property’s fences

A well-maintained equestrian property is a very enticing option for prospective buyers. The safety of horses and other animals is one of the main concerns for many buyers, so taking time to inspect your fences and ensuring everything is intact is always a smart move. 

Replace any broken or cracked boards, and fix any loose barbed wire that could potentially cause injury.

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