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Secure and Protect Your Equestrian Property

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Owning an equestrian property, especially if it is part of a private residence, means that you may need to find ways to establish security and ensure your personal privacy. Barns and stables tend to catch the attention of neighbors, and you may find passersby wandering into your property to pet the horses or see the barn.

Fortunately, you can make a few easy changes to discourage others from exploring your equestrian property, securing your home and regaining your privacy in the process.

Keep horses away from the roads

Horses are such amazing animals and it is easy for unwanted visitors to be drawn to them. If you are in the stages of planning your equestrian property, locate the pastures behind your house and barn. If you need to use the space in the front of your property, which is closer to driveways and roads, consider installing two lines of fencing. The first line will keep horses contained, while the second line can prevent people from accessing and feeding horses.

Have your horses branded or microchipped

Secure and protect your precious horses, especially against theft and natural disasters. Identifying them with tattoos, brands, microchips, or horse trackers ensures that your horses can be returned following an emergency.

Document your horses

Keep passports, documents, and detailed information about all of your horses. Take photographs of each horse from the front, back, and both sides to quickly identify them.

Create an inventory of all your equipment

Identify and make a list of all your tack and equipment, and mark such items with labels.

Install a perimeter fence and entrance gate

A perimeter fence can keep loose horses contained in your property. More importantly, fencing establishes the fact that your equestrian property is indeed private. Once your fencing has been installed, regularly check your fence lines, locks, and entrance gate for security lapses or breaches.

Use landscaping

Creative landscaping around your home is a simple yet excellent option. Create a natural privacy fence with trees and bushes. To get a head start, purchase foliage that is already full-grown and will grow thicker over time.

Start a neighborhood watch

Get in touch with local people who own horses and together set up a neighborhood horse watch group within your own community or town. Create a list and record everyone’s name, address, the number and breeds of horses they have, their telephone and mobile numbers, and email address. Keep the information up to date whenever horses are bought or sold.


The changes we recommend are not too complicated. However, each step can make a difference in securing and protecting your home and property. If relocating your farm to a more secluded area is not an option, our suggested changes can help make your property secure, protected, and truly your own.

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