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Selling Your Dallas Horse Property?


When you list your Dallas horse property for sale, you have many Dallas real estate agents from which to choose. With Sarah Boyd Realty®, you get an equestrian who understand Dallas horse property buyers needs.

Are you thinking it’s time to consider selling your property? It can be a difficult decision to make; and one of the hardest parts of selling a property can be choosing the right agent. In Dallas, you have a great number of agents from whom to choose. But Sarah Boyd is not simply an agent. She is an agent who specialize in farm sales. This isn’t a hobby or a part time job for her: it is her passion, and she takes it seriously. Her work involves more than just putting a sign in front of your property and advertising it in a local magazine, hoping to get people interested in your farm. There’s far more to being a property agent than that! In fact, the smallest percentage of Sarah Boyd Realty sales leads come from ads she places in local magazines. Most of the sales she handles require more work – and savvy market knowledge – than the casual observer might anticipate.


With Sarah Boyd Realty, you get a team of professionals who take a proactive approach to selling your farm. In today’s market, it takes a team who appreciates each buyer’s needs, who will bend over backwards, to handle this special kind of real estate. Horse-Property agents in North Texas must be able to show a brand-new buyer around and invest time to educate prospective buyers about the area. It is a lot easier for a real-estate professional to simply take listings, put signs out front and not actively pursue buyers. But that simple effort seldom results in closed real-estate deals. To seek out buyers in today’s market, Sarah Boyd Realty goes to great lengths to reach a national audience of Dallas horse-farm buyers. She develops solid leads and works at building relationships with people who want to buy a Horse Property in North Texas. It makes sense to do business with the Sarah Boyd, Your Dallas Horse Property Expert, who has a large and qualified base of buyers. Buyers at every price point.

In addition to being a horse property agent and property manager, Sarah Boyd is an active competitors at a number of large sport horse competitions. She goes out on a daily basis to find and court buyers looking to purchase a horse farm in North Texas Area. She is in regular contact with a large number of potential equestrian buyers from all over the country. I meet with countless friends and acquaintances at equestrian competitions; these people know Sarah Boyd as a tremendously successful farm agent in North Texas, and they trust her to find them their “perfect” horse farm – the one that’s just right for their particular needs. Sarah Boyd Realty maintains a long list of clients who are looking for that special farm… and your farm could be the ideal fit. Sarah Boyd lives, breathes, and loves the horse business… which translates into more sales of Dallas area horse farms!

As prices on farms continue to rise, buyers require a higher level of service than what was needed in previous years. Sarah Boyd Realty team is all about service, a high level of service that we provide, that we call “Unparalleled Service & Commitment.” In addition to this proactive approach, Sarah Boyd Realty also employs a long list of marketing tactics, including but not limited to:

  • Advertising every month in numerous national equine advertisments that go directly to the clientele who will be buying your farm.
  • Sending out direct-mail pieces to targeted equine communities throughout the country. It is a fact that most Dallas Horse Property buyers have other farms throughout the country and are either looking for seasonal farm or want to permanently relocate.
  • Maintaining an ever-growing email list of more than 10,000 potential buyers, whom we keep abreast of the Dallas Horse Ranch market.
  • Maintaining contact with potential buyers over the long haul. It’s well known that many buyers will take more than a year to close a deal, from the time they start their farm search until they sign on the dotted line. Don’t make the mistake of trusting this critical process to just anyone: Rely on Sarah Boyd, who is more dedicated than any other agents in the market.
  • Maintaining contact with most of the major equine trainers in Dallas and keeping abreast of their clients who are thinking of buying farms.
  • Hosting numerous open houses to show off your horse property. We can do as you want!
  • Aerial Photography or Video shot by drone captures the beauty of your ranch.
  • Custom “Just Listed” e-brochure will be send to hundreds of real estate agents who service our area as well as prospective buyers within my database.
  • Your property will be showcased on as a featured property, 75% of all consumers are using the internet to search for their next home, so I put a lot of emphasis on making sure your property is where it needs to be and presented in a manner that entices the on-line visitor to take a closer look.
  • Custom Brochures or Flyer – Custom Brochures will be designed and printed to showcase your homes best features, copies will be left in your home for potential buyers to take with them after viewing your home.
  • Professional photographs will be taken of your home and a custom virtual tour will be available for online buyers to preview your home.
  • Our team will schedule a Realtor Tour allowing members of the Elite Prudential Texas Properties to preview your home for any possible buyers they may have. In addition I will set up an open house, allowing the public to tour your home (at owners request.)
  • Custom websites designed and built just for your property!
  • Your property will be SHOWCASED listing on giving your home the maximum amount of exposure to potential buyers.
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