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Tips for Staging Your Equestrian property

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Staging a horse property gives you countless opportunities to impress potential buyers and attract the best offers for your home. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Work with a Realtor who specializes in equestrian property sales

Ranch properties are typically located in rural, semi-rural, or suburban areas. Moreover, these properties tend to be larger and have structures that are not commonly found in regular residential properties. Given the unique staging requirements of equine properties, you’ll want to consult with a Realtor who specializes in listing these types of homes.

They’ll know what buyers look for in these kinds of properties, and they’ll know how to present your home in a way that appeals to these buyers. They can also refer you to a professional staging company to assist with the actual process of decorating your home, stables, or barns.

Stage the most important structures on the property

Driveway and exterior

A bit of exterior work like power-washing and repainting the walls of structures and making sure that all metalwork, like doorknobs, handles, latches, bolts, hinges, and gates are in good shape can make a positive first impression on potential buyers. Keep the main driveway clear of any debris. Trim and prune any trees and plants within views of the main entrance.

Enhancing your ranch property’s curb appeal can make a dramatic impact on the way potential buyers view your home. If they like what they see on the outside, they’re likely to tour the entire property.

Riding arena

Make sure that the topsoil of your arena provides a stable base for horses. Whether you use clay soil or sand, it’s important that the surface is clean and free of horse manure. Check to see if all the drains are working, and if they aren’t, schedule repairs and maintenance before a home viewing.

If you have some jumps, take them out and set up a little course in your arena for property viewings and listing photos. This shows potential buyers how they might use the arena and get their imaginations fired up.


Keep your barns groomed and tidy. Collect loose trash and keep everything in its proper place. Installing storage hooks and racks can make your barn look orderly, even when it’s full of horses or livestock.

Highlight any installations, such as matted stalls, hitching posts, and water hydrants to show potential buyers what they’ll be getting with the property, and how each area might be used.

Pressure-wash the interior and exterior barn and remove any cobwebs. Make your barn smell good in time for a property viewing by hanging up non-toxic bug repellent hangers or essential oils, which can also keep flies away.

Tack room

When staging the tack room, make sure that your saddles are organized. Take it as an opportunity to show off your saddle collection by putting them on full display. Polish those bridles and water buckets, clean out the grooming box, and remove any leftovers from the feed room.

Country garage

Clean out the garage and remove any cars, vehicles, or farm equipment before taking listing photos. Keep cars and vehicles out of listing photos to protect your privacy while removing farm equipment that isn’t included in the sale will help prevent confusion and misunderstandings with potential buyers.

Main house

When getting the main house ready for viewing, remove any personal belongings that mark the property as yours. These include family photos, travel souvenirs, books, collectibles, and so on. Not only will this help protect your privacy, it will also make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.

Fenced pastures

If you have fenced pastures, lead your horses out of the barn before a viewing so that potential buyers can examine the barn and tack room without the horses there. This gives you the opportunity to showcase installations and improvements you’ve made to these structures without having to worry about other people coming too close to the horses.

Talk to an equine property expert today

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