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Top 5 styles for your ranch home

A ranch home is one of the most popular architectural styles in the country. Its versatile design makes it the ideal property for personalization.

The interiors are defined by the open concept living areas and minimal architectural details. The simplicity gives homeowners the freedom to tailor their space exactly to their tastes.

Thinking of renovating your ranch property? Here’s a list of the top 5 styles you should consider:

  1. Modern farmhouse

    Modern farmhouse

    Complement ranch living with a modern farmhouse style interior. It seamlessly combines Southern charm and elegance. Characterized by its mix of rustic and refined elements, this design is ideal for those who want a chic and inviting aesthetic.

    The use of natural materials is prominent in this style. You’ll see a lot of wood and stone furnishings around the space like wooden cabinets and stone accents to create a contemporary country feel. To complete the look, modern farmhouse homes are decorated with modern furniture and accessories.

  2. Industrial


    The industrial style has a minimalistic yet robust design. It focuses on having clean lines, blocky silhouettes, and muted colors. This is ideal for those who want a more down-to-earth look sans the frills and extra décor.

    The open concept of a ranch home lends itself well to the geometric shapes seen in industrial style spaces. Expect to see a combination of materials like leather, wood, steel, iron, stone, and brick. Color palettes consist of warmer, earthy hues with plenty of browns, greens, and red. Furniture for this type of space is typically darker to match the rugged industrial design.

  3. Urban modern

    Urban modern

    The urban modern borrows elements from the industrial style like its use of mixed materials and minimalist aesthetic. The difference lies in the former’s softer and more delicate look. Expect more luxe decorations and accents like plush rugs, soft furnishing, and the like. Also, this style uses brighter colors and pastel tones.

    This design is great for those who want to use bold colors and contemporary furniture. It combines rough geometric designs with more sophisticated and modern décor.

  4. Craftsman


    For those who want something more understated, the craftsman style might be ideal for you. This works well with a ranch-style property because it has no clashing fundamental design elements. Incorporating a craftsman style interior in a ranch home is much easier compared to other styles.

    The craftsman style focuses on function over style so expect a more subdued look. You’ll find a lot of practical furnishings like built-in cabinetry and shelves, as well as plenty of windows to let more natural light in.

  5. Mid-century modern

    Mid-century modern

    Mid-century modern matches well with a ranch home because these were both created in the same period. This style uses a lot of vintage elements, especially in furniture. You’ll find a lot of sleek, clean lines and unique silhouettes here. The use of patterns and textures is very prominent in this style, as well.

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