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Top Security Tips For Your Horse Farm

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Whether you plan to live in your horse property seasonally or year-round, you need to take measures to protect your home from potential crime. Although North Texas’ equestrian communities are generally safe, there’s no harm in safeguarding your property and horses.

Identifying security risks and vulnerabilities will help you determine which steps to take after you finally decide to invest in North Texas real estate. Likewise, if you plan on selling your ranch, having new and advanced security features will make your property more appealing to potential buyers.


A properly installed perimeter fence can keep intruders at bay and prevent horses from wandering away from the property. Security experts generally recommend solid wood fencing, which is harder to cut than wire, which leaves your property more vulnerable to trespassers.

If you really want to beef up security, consider installing and activating electric fencing with electric braid wire and solar chargers.

Gates and entryways

The main gate and any additional side gates should be sturdy and well-made. Install heavy-duty, bolt-cutter resistant padlocks and chains to secure all gates and access points. Experts recommend industrial-strength chains and shrouded or protected padlocks with thick, heavy shackles.

Turnout location

Horse thefts typically occur along main thoroughfares. Keep your horses safe by making sure the paddocks are located farther into the property and away from the main roads. Check on your horses at varied times so that your visits are harder for thieves to predict and anticipate.

You should also make sure that all barn traffic going to and from the property passes through a single, well-monitored entry point that is visible from your house. Trim or remove any plants in and around buildings and fences that can potentially serve as a hiding place for intruders.

Outdoor lighting

Bright lighting can serve as a deterrent for intruders, whose movements are easier to detect with adequate outdoor lighting. Install exterior security lighting with motion sensors and automatic timers in high-risk areas around the barn.

Surveillance cameras

Install high-definition, night vision cameras with recording at vulnerable areas like gates, paddocks, and tack rooms. These cameras can alert you to the presence of intruders when integrated with motion detection sensors that can trigger alarms. You can check real-time footage on screens, and even phones and tablets, if your CCTV system has wifi capabilities. A security company can also monitor your CCTV footage throughout the night for peace of mind.

Put up signs indicating that there are CCTVs on the property and install cameras in easily viewable locations so that intruders they’re under surveillance.

Guest logs and IDs

Keep a record of all individuals who come to your property. In some cases, thieves and intruders who target the property are people who’ve already been to your facility as guests, workers, or students.

Take note of plate numbers of vehicles as well as names of people who come to the property uninvited. If you have commercial boarding or riding facilities, require all your guests to sign in.

Horse IDs

Consider freeze branding or microchipping all your horses so that they’re identifiable and easier to track down and recover if stolen. Make sure that brands are legible and can be connected back to your horse property. Microchips can be implanted on the horse’s neck and can be read and identified via radio frequency scanners.

Keep physical and digital files containing identification and ownership information for every horse on the property, including:

  • Bill of sale
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Coggins certificate
  • Breed registration

Lastly, keep records of written descriptions with high quality, close up photos or videos for each horse, with a focus on distinguishing features, marks, or scars.

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